Maintain the beauty of your golf course by developing a pond management plan that will allow you to keep your course ponds looking their best.


The typical challenge in managing golf course ponds is the required aesthetic of manicured pond margins and beautiful pond water while in the face of turf grass management that often requires significant fertilization and irrigation. Ponds receiving runoff quickly become highly fertilized and algae control can be difficult. We can help you develop a combined chemical and biological approach to achieve your goals while reducing maintenance costs and efforts, yet satisfying new EPA guidelines to reduce impacts on receiving waters adjacent to the golf course.


The traditional method of controlling algae has been the use of copper sulfate, commonly called Bluestone. Copper sulfate in both crystalline and liquid forms, has been used as an algaecide in water supply reservoirs for years, having good to mixed results.


Water Specialists LLC  now provides a fully dissolving copper sulfate product which offers significant improvement's over other copper based algaecide's. This product - SCI-62 - a liquid copper treatment has many amazing advantages over bluestone and other liquid algaecide's.