About Water Specialists LLC

Water Specialists LLC.
,was established in 1995 by Harold Fleming, John Fleming and Dean Schmelter.
John and Dean both worked for major Water Companies and Harold Fleming had
spent many years with Dexter. John and Dean decided that with all their
experience and knowledge it would be in their best interest to open their own
company and Water Specialists LLC came to be.

About a year later
they opened a second company in Florida called Water Specialists Technologies
LLC(wst), with its main focus on waste water. Shortly after that the two
Companies decided to split, Mr.  John Fleming and Mr.  Harold Fleming
took control over Water Specialists LLC., 
and Mr. Dean Schmelter moved south to run Water Specialists Technologies
LLC (wst). All in all it was a smooth transition and the Company has been
growing ever since and will continue to grow and provide 100% satisfaction to
all our customers. Water Specialists has a terrific team aboard with many years
of experience, John Fleming, Paul Harvey, Ralph Garside and Lauren Cummings. Being
a small Family owned business allows us to give our customers a more
personalized water management experience.



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